His & Hers Retreats

Cambridge, MA

This Cambridge home was in serious need of upgrades for their two bathrooms! A clean, modern and masculine bath was created for the man of the house, while the wife wanted a more glamorous look.

For the gentleman’s retreat, Barbara gutted the whole bathroom which included an oversized washer and dryer, unappealing linoleum floor, bisque walls, and a salmon color plastic bath and shower insert. A large transom window was created to give maximum light to the space, while a transparent glass door and light colors to open the space up visually. A new custom cabinet with a concealed toe kick heating unit houses a city-sized washer and dryer which were recessed to gain maximum space. Unusual black plumbing fixtures and the grey vanity ground the space.

A modern spa-like bathroom was created for the lady of the house, creating a clean, open, glamorous space. We gutted the 70’s style bathroom which featured ugly linoleum floors and blue plastic drop in bath/shower insert. In the curbless glass shower, an accent wall was covered in recycled glass tile placed vertically to bring the eye up. A lovely crystal chandelier was added to give drama and personality to the space. Lots of hidden storage makes use of the limited space: a floating glass vanity with a large drawer and incorporated night light, a tall medicine cabinet with its own hidden outlet, and a small shelf with compartments for towels. This project won Excellence in Design in the Small Bath Category at the Shine Awards, hosted by Designer Bath, in Beverly, MA July 2016.

Featured in:

Boston Globe Magazine, Room to Love (June 2016)


Jared Kuzia


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