Working With Us

Initial Call

During a 10 min. phone call, prospective clients can introduce themselves and their project. Following that conversation, we will share Elza B Design’s FAQs. If you think we could be a good match, we encourage you to book our complimentary 30 min. Discovery Video Call!

Discovery Video Call

The Discovery Video Call is a time for us to illustrate how we approach full service design and show you what tools we use to make our client’s project come to life. If you decide to move on to the Intake Visit and Walk-Through, we will invite you to a little homework exercise to understand your project’s needs better.

Intake Visit & Walk-Through

We will meet in the space you wish to redesign for 1 to 2 hours. During this time, we will review the homework, collect your reactions to a variety of colors, fabrics and materials we bring, and go over what works and does not work for you in your current environment.

Full-Service Design or Boutique Package

During the visit and following our conversations, we can establish which approach-Small Boutique Packages, or Full-Service Design-is the best fit for you. This will depend on the scope of your project.

Drawings, Mood Boards & Color Schemes

Typically, if you sign on for a full-service design contract, the first steps to transforming your space will be colors schemes, mood boards and 2D/3D plans of your space. This custom foundation work will guide all the next decisions, and ensure your spaces tell a cohesive story and space planning is optimal.

Product Search

Now that the basic decisions have been made, we will start researching elements that will make the design come to life! We will help identify the best pieces that match your design vision: furniture, tiles, stone, wood, plumbing elements, fabrics, finishes, hardware. We guide you through the decision making so you can make educated selections.


One of the biggest advantages of working with an interior designer is you can customize design items to really reflect who you are and how you use your space. We can create one-of-a-kind pieces for you that will complement your interior in a unique way. For example, we can design a walnut custom table to fit a small corner window seat, or even print wallpaper to reproduce an image you love.

Ordering Process, Teamwork & Advocacy

We handle all orders, customer service, deliveries and installation. Advocate for you onsite and behind the scenes, working hand in hand with our trade partners and inspect the work as we go. And we also work with the construction team and architects to help ensure your design vision goes exactly as planned.

Closing the Project

After ensuring your full satisfaction and addressing any remaining details, we prepare a Design Reference Guide, so you have all the information on the products we used in your space.

Professional Photography

At the end of an interior design project, we may orchestrate professional photography to capture your beautiful space and our work for marketing purposes. We style your shelves, we come bearing little gifts such as fresh flowers, and sometimes rooms are featured in residential interior design publications!

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