I was invited by the Concord Museum this year again to decorate a home for the Concord Holiday Home Tour. Tickets are sold to the public to benefit the museum’s educational programs and therefore the whole community gets involved! We were assigned a large, modern home which used to belong to NFL giant Kevin Garnett. In order to it up for the occasion, I chose a modern, yet organic decor theme. We had 30 days from the time of initial contact with the museum, to the day of the event. In other words, we had to come up with a vision plan as FAST as possible!

The way I did this was to first establish the color schemes we would use, and then imagine the story I wanted to tell. Some questions we asked ourselves were: Who lives here? What is happening in this room? How are we going to set this table, so it fits the furniture and the chandelier ?

After this initial step, our team had to gather lots of festive accessories, art, decorative lights, Christmas trees, and loads of greenery and branches. Styling a space is all about layering. We worked with the homeowner to harmonize with their modern aesthetics and not fight against it. We spent a few days per week experimenting with our decor items, our car filled to the rim.

The last touches were key to optimize the holiday vibe: they involved lots of fresh greens, strategically placed lights and delicious food displays. Never forget to tantalize visitors with aromas reminiscent of the season, and voilĂ ! I hope you enjoy it and it inspires your own Christmas decorations! Tune in to Part 1 to see the living room, dining room and grand entry!

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